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President Trump recently lifted a ban on allowing elephant trophy imports to the USA sparking reactions from many quarters. Here’s what’s going on.

Herd Of Elephants: elephant trophy imports

President Trump has decided to put on hold an earlier decision allowing elephant trophy imports to the United States. This was after he had agreed to lift the ban that former President Obama had put into place during the Obama administration.

Just a little background, President Obama had put a ban on Elephant Trophy imports in 2014. Elephant importations from Zimbabwe had been shut since May 2014 after import boycotts.

Elephant Trophy Imports: Why The Change In Decision By President Trump?

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We can all relate with some of the weird myths that exist about elephants. Here are a few of the facts.

An Elephant Coating Itself with sand

An Elephant Coating Itself With Sand

If there’s one majestic land animal you can’t afford to ignore, it’s got to be the elephant. While it’s admired and loved by some, others hunt it for its tusks or work with it peacefully as an indispensable part of their daily lives.

Elephants are also an important figure in religion, literature, the media, entertainment, and so on.

The Asian Elephant, for instance, is a vital part of Asian history and it’s still revered to date.

But, did you know that we probably still don’t know everything about these animals yet? Or that many things elephants do aren’t just for fun but that they have a purpose for those actions?

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