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Groups of hungry wild elephants are raiding farms and hurting their tame counterparts in the process. 

Domestic elephants are a direct target of hungry wild herds: Wild Elephants In Vietnam

Tame (Domestic) Elephants Are A Direct Target Of Hungry Wild Herds.

Added to the threat of extinction, wild elephants in Vietnam are facing another equally distressing problem: Lack of food.

In a number of provinces in the country, there have been several clashes between wild elephants and their domesticated kind. Every one of these clashes has been as a result of the wild herds searching for food. As at the last count, at least five such clashes occurred over the past few months especially from March to August 2017.

Particularly disturbing was the most recent fight where a herd with seven wild elephants

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The history of the human-elephant relationship is a story of several negatives and few positives.

Hannibal Barca Crossing The Rhone: Human-Elephant Relationship

Hannibal Barca Crossing The Rhône With War Elephants By Henri Motte In 1878.

Elephants are some of the most fascinating terrestrial animals that exist on our planet. What sets them apart from other animals is their sheer size. Some African elephants were recorded as being so large almost as if they were relics of the era of dinosaurs.

Some individuals weighed as much as 2.5 to 7 tons and reached a height of 8 to 13 feet when standing! Added to the fact that these large animals are herbivores earns them the title of “gentle giants.”

For as long human history can recall, these highly intelligent and emotional beings have been

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What do you do when faced with a charging elephant? Run, hide, or stay still? Find out the steps that could save you in an elephant attack.

An African Elephant: How to survive an elephant attack

An African Elephant: Experts Say An Elephant With Ears Fanned Out Like This Will Not Charge You. But It’s Best To Be Very Cautious. (Author: Al Peabody On Flickr cc by 2.0)

Although we humans may be right up there when it comes to intelligence, we score very poorly when it comes to defending ourselves against rampaging animals. Even when we are armed, the chances of survival or escape without any injuries can be almost 50/50.

Different wild animals call for different defense/flight methods. Surely, what would work when trying to escape a gorilla may not work when faced with a wild bear or a shark.

Now what about elephants? Well, it turns out those docile and friendly looking creatures, whether African or Asian elephants, could turn deadly when the situation arises. In fact, a popular documentary by National Geographic called “Elephant Rage,” shows that at least 500 people are killed – every year by charging elephants.

How Does An Elephant Attack People?

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What happens when elephants attack and why do they attack humans at all?

Elephant Attacking a 3-wheeler : Elephants attack

A Wild Elephant Attacks A Three-Wheeler With Passengers In Sri Lanka.

Elephants of whatever species are commonly portrayed as lovable giants. Just take a trip down to the nearest zoo and check out the elephant enclosure and you’ll see an animal that appears domesticated, relatively friendly to its trainers and zookeepers, and quite peaceful.

As an added bonus, they are also intelligent and can be taught to perform tricks to the delight of viewers. However, when abused, hurt, or in any other way maltreated, these creatures can be some of the most dangerous animals you can encounter in the wild or elsewhere.

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